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Frequently Asked Questions

What login information will you need from me?

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We will need collaborator access, which we will send you a request for after you book our services.

What is the process of speed optimization?

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a. Our team of experts will thoroughly check your website theme and fix all the speed issues.
b. If you book the optional Core Web Vitals package, that will be a secondary process once the main issues are resolved.

Can I trust Ecomback for my website and data security?

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Yes, our team is professional, and we take every step to ensure your website and data security.

What pages of my Shopify store will you speed up?

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We will optimize your whole website code and fix the speed on Home Page, Collection Pages, Product Pages, CMS pages. We do not touch the Cart and Checkout pages.

Will the speed also boost Mobile Speed?

/ 100

Yes, your website’s mobile speed will be improved, and we follow the Google speed optimization guideline to improve that for you.

How long will the speed optimization process take?

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a. The essential speed optimization process can take 5-7 working days, and there will be no downtime on your website on 90% of themes.
b. The Core Web Vitals optimization can take another 5 to 7 working days and can only be done once the main essential issues are resolved.

I only need Core Web Vitals. Can I just get that package?

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The Core Web Vitals package is an add-on to our Essential package as we have to thoroughly evaluate and fix any issues before we can even address Core Web Vitals.

Will I need optimization services again?

/ 100

a. Only if you make some major changes in the website or install a new app that affects your website’s main features.
b. Like a periodic oil-change or maintenance of your car, your website also needs to be optimized at least every year if you add content, products, apps, or make other changes.

Will you provide support after speed optimization?

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Yes, we offer two weeks free support after speed optimization

Why does my website page speed vary everytime I check it?

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Every popular speed insight tool will vary your speed score and loading time every time you check. It is because the loading time and page speed score depend on a variety of factors, including server response time and third-party resources such as ads or tracking snippets. The best way to determine the page speed is to run the test 3 times and then take the average.

What are Core Web Vitals and why do I need to fix them for SEO improvement?

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Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggpZA5U2rZk
Please visit Google’s resources and your Google Search Console.

I have another question that is not on list

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Please click here and fill up your requirements in the contact us form, and we will revert back to you as soon as possible for you.

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