Shopify Store Design and
Development Services

If you are serious about your Shopify website, you can’t just wing it with freelancers or out-of-the-box themes.

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Experienced & Reliable Shopify
Development Services

We design and develop bespoke Shopify websites or customize existing pre-built themes templates to meet your needs with ease – no matter if you’re looking for a one-time project or something more long-term!


Our Shopify website development process is about creating a beautiful and functional website for your business to thrive in today’s market environment where customer satisfaction leads all other priorities, from SEO strategy down through conversion optimization methods such as A/B testing, mobile-first, analytics.


We offer expert services across every aspect of Shopify eCommerce website design, including Shopify website responsive layouts explicitly tailored around what you need so, whether it’s a collection page, filters, mega-menus, product listings with customized options, videos, SEO content, reviews, cart pages, and widgets.


As a Shopify store development service experts’ team, we develop on Shopify from the ground up, meaning we understand the platform’s architecture inside and out. Our Shopify store developers have a great design eye to ensure the execution and creation of our websites are pixel-perfect to the designs.

Start or Refresh Your Own Online Shop for Desktop And Mobile With Shopify 2.0 Today.

EcomBack is a leading Shopify website development agency based in Los Angeles, empowering hundreds of clients with top-tier Shopify 2.0 UI/UX design, functionality, and other services. We create and re-build profitable Shopify 2.0 websites for desktop and mobile (m-commerce) and support brands in their quest for long-term growth by providing critical services that will help them succeed and stay ahead of their competition.


Our Shopify 2.0 store development team comprises experienced developers, designers, & data managers who are experts at creating and running Shopify, Shopify 2.0, and Shopify Plus websites.

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We Provide the Following Shopify Services

Shopify, Shopify 2.0 Shopify Plus Migration
Shopify Store Design
Shopify Theme Development
Shopify Speed Optimization
Shopify Apps Integration
Shopify, Shopify 2.0, Shopify Plus Experts
Shopify Mobile AMP Integration
Shopify Website ADA Accessibility
Shopify Marketing

Shopify Mobile Friendly Layout

With EcomBack’s expert Shopify 2.0 developers, we build mobile user-friendly, and stunning websites designed with functionality, style, SEO, speed optimization, and ADA-compliance in mind using the latest industry trends. Whether it’s an existing e-commerce store or a re-vamp of your existing store into the new Shopify 2.0 themes, we work with you to deliver tangible, real-world results that add value and profit to your business.


EcomBack is your definitive Shopify 2.0 theme development partner for desktop and mobile responsive websites. Our highly skilled in-house Shopify developers can provide anything and everything from custom Shopify web design and theme customization to full-on migration and support services.

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Shopify 1.0 to 2.0 Migration

If you are still using Shopify 1.0, we can help you migrate your theme to the latest version of your existing theme or help code a new Shopify 2.0 theme to take advantage of all the latest trends in e-commerce.

ADA Compliant Shopify Store Design

We ensure that your website theme is coded correctly to adhere to ADA web accessibility and WCAG 2.2 compliance standards and achieve inclusion for users with disabilities.


We use a combination of automated and manual processes to make your website compliant with ADA requirements. EcomBack developers ensure your Shopify website offers digital usability for all those that visit your store, which helps increase SEO/SERP conversion, and prevents lawsuits and fines.

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EcomBack's Mobile First
Shopify 2.0 Approach

Customers visit websites and shop on mobile devices more than desktops, yet brands often focus all their resources on the design and development of their desktop versions. We believe in a mobile-first approach to developing your Shopify store or refreshing your existing store to ensure it is usable, fast, responsive, and easy for mobile shoppers.

m-commerce Facts

  • Mobile commerce will exceed 4 trillion dollars in 2022
  • 40% of all e-commerce globally is on mobile
  • Our USA clients have between 80 to 90% of converted sales on mobile
  • 79% of smartphone users have purchased their phone recently
  • Most shoppers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Get your share of mobile commerce with our Shopify Development Services!

Shopify 2.0 Design & Development Made Easy!

Shopify 2.0 is here – We can help you upgrade your store for new features!

Shopify is an all-inclusive platform that provides merchants with everything they need to launch their business online, from a store builder & cloud hosting services through responsive templates or marketing automation tools.


Shopify is the worldwide leader in e-commerce platforms with a user-friendly system, easy payment gateways, order management, reporting, and thousands of integrations and apps.


Shopify currently has the largest e-commerce platform market share in the nation, with 29% of online businesses using it to operate their stores.


In September 2021, more than 2.3 million online stores were using Shopify in the U.S., and the number continues to spike.


Shopify’s new 2.0 platform offers many more features and functionalities previously available only through third-party applications. We have helped many clients migrate their old stores to the latest release, resulting in more conversions and sales.

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Shopify Features

Shopify is an all-inclusive platform that provides merchants with everything they need to launch their business online, from a store builder & cloud hosting services through responsive templates or marketing automation tools.

  • Fully Customized E-Commerce Stores
  • Low Monthly Fees and Maintenance costs
  • Robust themes and templates
  • Order, Customer & Inventory Management
  • All credit cards and payment methods
  • Integrate Social Media Shops
  • Easy to Use
  • Secure SSL Shopify Hosting and Back End
  • Thousands of apps and third-party integrations
  • Easy Content Management System
  • Support around the clock
  • Customers Trust Shopify

How Can We Help

Developing a Shopify eCommerce and m-commerce website is no easy task to compete with the best brands.

The EcomBack team of professionals has years’ worth of experience designing and building profitable e-commerce stores for small, mid-size, and large brands.
We know how to design an engaging brand experience so that you can attract the right customers on any device in less than 3 seconds of loading time.
As one of the most experienced Shopify development partners worldwide, we have successfully delivered results for our clients.

Create a profitable online store with EcomBack — a Shopify website design and development agency!

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Why Choose EcomBack for your Shopify Store?

Benefits You Have with Shopify

EcomBack is an industry leader who helps you make your e-commerce store’s vision a reality. Our Shopify skilled and professional developers give you premium design and development services and complete support to grow your business.

  • Expert Shopify Developers
  • Latest UI/UX & Branding Consultation
  • Full-time, All In-house Team
  • 3rd Party Apps Consultation
  • Mobile-first AMP Integration
  • Budget-friendly On-time Delivery

Expert Accessibility ADA WCAG Compliance Website Consultant.

We fix websites manually at the code level using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to make them accessible and comply with the ADA, without relying on overlay widgets or plug-ins.

Court Approved Accessibility Provider
International Association of Accessibility Professionals - Organizational Member
W3C Member and Advisory Committee

Working with us is super easy

Design Foundation

Creating Mockup

Theme Development

3rd Party Apps Installation

Search Engine Optimization

Shopify Speed Optimization

ADA Compliance Check

Testing and Launch

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Website Development Services

Is it expensive to build a Shopify store?

The cost varies depending on the desired design and features you want to use. The final price is determined by how much your Shopify store’s design needs to be customized and how complicated or basic you want it to be. We can talk about what you require at a reasonable price that works for you.

How much does the Shopify platform charge me?

There are three different plans available, each with its own set of features. As of 2022, the Basic plan is $19 per month and is ideal for new e-commerce firms with occasional in-person transactions. For burgeoning enterprises, the second option costs $49 per month. The third option is for businesses in need of more advanced services and starts at $299 per month. On the Shopify pricing page, you’ll find out more about each plan’s features.

What will EcomBack need from me to begin the Shopify eCommerce development process?

We will provide a basic questionnaire to get started. For a new Shopify website, we will need to upload some products for testing and require product pictures, titles/headings, product descriptions, prices, shipping and payment information, and any additional text for the About Us page as well as CMS pages from you. We will provide basic training and support to you on how to use Shopify’s user-friendly backend.

Why is EcomBack the right Shopify development company for building my online store?

EcomBack is committed to making you succeed. We develop a Shopify online store that is specific to your industry and target clients, giving them an optimal user experience and better conversion rates than many other stores on this platform. We have the desired experience for designing and developing a successful Shopify store with all of the essential technical elements. Once we get started, don’t worry about anything because we have everything handled from here.

Will I be able to add or remove products myself once the store is finished?

Our Shopify developers can train you on how to add or remove items on your own so that you may manage and modify your Shopify store whenever you want.

Can you help with ongoing changes once my Shopify store has already launched?

Yes, we can help you with maintenance concerns or other ongoing changes that occur after a launch.

Do you offer redesign services for an already built Shopify store?

Not only can we recreate your existing Shopify shop in any way you like, but we may also modify the theme and create a new one from the ground up.

Can you migrate my store to Shopify if it is already on a different platform?

We offer migration services for top-rated eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, BigCart, OpenCart, and others.

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