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ampbanner What is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Optimize your Shopify mobile website speed to the next level

Web pages that are compelling, smooth, and load
near instantaneously.

What are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)
websites and pages?

AMP is the rocket fuel that takes slow to moderately fast websites and supercharges them for near-instant load speed on mobile devices (and even on a desktop if you use its structure). Your customers will get a website that functions much faster than the desktop version, and that is food for Google. Google engineers helped to create AMP, so it is rewarded with better results in the top carousel of mobile search.

Studies show, “AMP is not optional; without AMP, a publisher’s articles will be extremely unlikely to appear in Google search Top Stories carousel on mobile devices.”

EcomBack help you get an AMP based
mobile experience in Shopify

Customers are impatient. They don’t have time to wait and wait for a website or page to load. If you can’t imagine your life without using your mobile-phone, then you can imagine how slow website loading can affect your customer experience and drop sales? 70% of mobile users encounter a slow loading website issue and 40% abandon a website if it takes 3 seconds or more to load.

In order to avoid a decrease in sales and engage potential clients to browse your website, AMP is the best and most affordable available option for you.

In a recent Google study, AMP helps an Ecommerce site to increase sales by 20-30%. The research also found that AMP leads to a 10% increase in website traffic with a 2x increase in time spent on page.

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AMP & non-AMP Sites comparison


We Mirror Your Website for Fast AMP Mobile

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Customizable Look & Feel
Create seamless experience between desktop & mobile.

Insanely Fast
Page speeds clocked between 80 & 99% on Page Speed Insights.

Trusted by Merchants
With top-notch support & constant upgrades, you’re in good hands.

Improved SEO
Higher page-speeds & the AMP lightning bolt all contribute to SEO
and ads performance.

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AMP Setup Plans

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Benefits of Hiring Us for AMP Development

EcomBack helps you create a fully functional AMP based mobile experience for your Shopify store using the mobile first AMP app by We take your website theme and create an AMP version to give customers a seamless look and feel, while making their mobile experience Google friendly with fast loading speeds.

We will create the theme and apply AMP pages for the Homepage, Collection, Product, Blogs and other important pages so that customers can focus on checking out and buying your products while you have their attention.

Faster Speed and Page Loading in the mobile version

    • You get rewarded by Google with more traffic on your website
    • Reduce bounce rate
    • Engage visitors
    • More customers and more sales

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awesome AMP websites on your phone


How AMP for Shopify Works

The AMP app by plugin generates unique AMP pages for each of your products through a separate AMP protocol theme. Once the theme is configured and designed to match your desktop site, we submit these new pages to Google for indexing.

When Google crawler sees that you have AMP enabled on your pages, these pages will be prioritized in Google mobile search results, and are given a grey lightning bolt icon next to their search snippet.

Users will be directed to your fast AMP pages when accessed through a mobile search engine, and they will be directed to your regular pages everywhere else.

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What We Do To Improve Website Performance With AMP?

  • Book a free demo with us where we evaluate your website for AMP implementation.
  • Once the project is confirmed, our team of AMP experts build a fascinating UI for your webpages and elevate its user experience.
  • We customize your website look, feel, navigation, and any other customizations that are available to implement tactics of AMP efficiently so that the pages load super quickly.
  • Follow a best-practices and checklist approach to recognize and reduce issues which can slow the process.
  • We utilize each tool of AMP for functionality, organizing, and structuring of the content and other elements.
  • We comply with the W3C coding norms and follow all the standards for developing AMP website.
  • Review and submit to Google for indexing and to merchant center.
  • Launch the AMP site and see the results with SEO and ads performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About AMP Setup

Do I have to do the setup myself?

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All you need to do add the AMP app by shopsherrif for Shopify.

We will setup your AMP site according to your plan and

We will send you collaborator access request via Shopify.

Can we keep everything same but change it to AMP?

/ 100

The answer is a “YES & NO”, we can’t keep “everything” the same, but we can make it very similar, depending on a few key factors such as how many incompatible integrations/apps you are currently using.

If you have a lot of custom product options on your product pages, they may not compatible. That being said, almost everyone can still AMP their homepage, collections, or blog. We will work with you to customize your AMP site for the best results and functionality.

What features will my AMP site have?

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• AMP – We will AMP your Home page, Products, Collections, Blogs, and Pages – convert each page into AMP format, with a beautiful header, footer, and styles based on the plan you select.

• Product Reviews – integrate directly with 11 different reviews providers from across the Shopify ecosystem such as Loox Reviews / Yotpo Reviews / Reviews / / Shopify Product Reviews / Conversio Reviews / Okendo Reviews and more

• SEO-friendly URLs – optimized URLs for SEO to ensure your AMP pages rank the highest they possibly can.

• Image, video, and iframe support – you may use images, embedded youtube videos, and iframes in your pages. We correctly parse these into AMP. *Video is supported in the Enterprise plan by AMP.

• Customizable menu links – edit all your AMP sidebar links as you would your normal site.

• Customizable footer links – add relevant links to AMP pages and comply with GDPR.

• Phenomenal Page-Speed – AMP pages load blazing-fast and are automatically cached by Google for nearly instant load.

• Sticky cart button – keep a more app-like mobile experience and drive more sales with a sticky “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the AMP pages.

• Buy Now button / Skip-cart – send users straight to the checkout page to increase conversion rates.

• Link to your full site – add an optional link to your non-AMP pages if desired.

• Seamless transition – from AMP pages to the non-AMP pages of Shopify (Cart, Checkout) and try to match the header and navigation so the customer never feels the difference.

• Intelligent “Related Products” – show similar products to your visitors

• Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager integration.

• Facebook Pixel Integration.

Do I need the Enterprise Plan?

/ 100

If you require custom integrations noted on the Integrations page as “Enterprise” level, or if you would like custom data on each product page (using metafields or tags), these will require the Enterprise plan. 

Additionally, if you’d like some minor customizations to your theme’s code, this will also require the Enterprise plan. 

Using product metafields, for example, you can add custom videos or other custom content to the AMP page on a per-product basis, and the team will take care of this for you.

If you notice a custom integration that isn’t currently listed on the Integrations page, the Shop Sheriff team will be happy to look into that request for you and see if it is possible on AMP. 

  • • Enterprise integrations (listed here, our team will add the necessary integration into your AMP templates)
  • • Custom AMP Validations (the team resolves all potential validation issues at no charge)
  • • Priority on desired integrations (Prioritized investigation and development, if possible, on new integrations. Feature requests listed here)
  • • Dedicated cache for faster page delivery wherever possible (no limit to the number of cached pages, faster re-AMPing after page updates, and faster webhook updates to your shop)
  • • Priority support
  • Please contact us to discuss your website’s structure prior to ordering a plan if you have any questions.
Do I really need AMP?

/ 100

Mobile traffic is growing faster than ever AMP (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an initiative invented by Google to speed up the mobile web. The AMP app by ShopSheriff converts parts of your store to AMP, and indexes your pages with Google for nearly instant load times, faster mobile page speed, and higher mobile search results.

I don't see my theme listed, can I have my current theme on AMP?

/ 100

AMP supports several themes with more being added. We recommend debut theme if your theme is not currently supported.

Will AMP help my SEO improve?

/ 100

YES, People rewards AMP sites with better placement in mobile search results. You will see a lightening bolt next to your domain name (see the image below).

We will help you submit the AMP site to Google.

– Powerful SEO & mobile page speed optimization
We do all the heavy lifting to cache your AMPed pages and index them as high as possible with Google.

– Get prioritized by Google
Google gives SEO benefits to AMP-enabled mobile pages. AMPing your site can be the difference between page 3 and page 1. Don’t let your competitors outrank you.

How will AMP affect my Shopping Ads?

/ 100

The AMP lightning bolt helps you boost ranking, appear in top search carousels, load instantly, & earn a lower Cost Per Click on AdWords!

When shoppers see your products in Google shopping ads on mobile, they will be directed to your AMP site automatically.

We can help you submit your site to Google Merchant Center.

How do I see AMP's performance in Google Analytics?

/ 100

You can go to Google Analytics

– Acquisitions

– All Traffic

– Source Medium

Sort your Source/Medium if you have more than 1 page of results, and you will see “shopsheriff / amp” and “ / referral”

You may also see variations of these based on where you place ads with landing pages containing your AMP URLs

How do I see what orders are from my AMP site in Shopify?

/ 100

Download your orders and see the column “Notes Attributes” or you can open up orders in your dashboard and check the “Notes section / Additional Details” will state either mode of purchase:

Referral  AMP by Shop Sheriff: Add to cart

AMP by Shop Sherif: Buy it now

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