Boost Your SEO with ADA and WCAG Compliant Web Design from EcomBack

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), having a website that is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is becoming increasingly important. One way to achieve this is by implementing WCAG success criteria 2.1 AA. Not only is it a legal requirement for businesses operating in the United States, but it also has many benefits for SEO. In this article, we will explore how ADA compliant web design can boost your SEO and help you outrank other websites.

What is ADA Compliant Web Design?

ADA compliant web design refers to the process of designing and developing websites that are accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive impairments. This is achieved by following the guidelines recommended by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including the internet.

Why is ADA Compliance Important for SEO?

One of the main reasons why ADA compliance is important for SEO is that it improves the user experience for all visitors to your website, including those with disabilities. When a website is designed to be accessible to all users, it is easier to navigate, read, and understand. This can lead to increased engagement, longer page views, and lower bounce rates, which are all important factors in search engine rankings.

In addition to improving the user experience, ADA compliance also helps search engines understand the content of your website. This is because accessibility features such as alt text, captions, and transcripts can provide additional context and information about your content, which can help search engines better understand the purpose and relevance of your website.

How to Implement ADA Compliant Web Design with EcomBack

Implementing ADA compliant web design requires a combination of design, development, and content strategies. EcomBack offers Web Accessibility & ADA Compliance Services to all types of businesses, including small businesses that sell products and services online and have an online presence. Our services can help prevent Website accessibility lawsuits under the ADA filed by lawyers, and we are committed to helping businesses comply with web ADA regulations and improve accessibility for all users.

Some of the key elements to consider include:

Navigation and Structure – Design your website to be easy to navigate with clear headings and logical structure.

Colors and Contrast – Use colors and contrast that are easy to see for those with visual impairments.

Alternative Text – Provide alternative text for images, videos, and other media to ensure that screen readers can accurately describe the content to visually impaired users.

Keyboard Accessibility – Make sure that your website can be navigated using only a keyboard, as this is essential for individuals with physical disabilities.

Audio and Video Transcripts – Provide transcripts for audio and video content to ensure that all users can access the content, even if they are unable to hear it.

Forms and Input Fields – Design forms and input fields to be accessible to all users, including those with motor impairments.

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your website is accessible to all users and compliant with WCAG guidelines with EcomBack’s help.

The Benefits of ADA Compliant Web Design for SEO with EcomBack

In addition to improving the user experience and helping search engines better understand your content, there are many other benefits of ADA compliant web design for SEO with EcomBack. Some of these include:

Increased Traffic – When your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, you can reach a wider audience and increase your traffic.

Improved Engagement – By providing a better user experience, you can increase engagement on your website, which can lead to longer page views and lower bounce rates.

Higher Conversions – When users are able to navigate your website more easily and understand your content, they are more likely to convert into customers or take other desired actions.

Improved Reputation – By demonstrating your commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, you can improve your reputation and build trust with your audience.

Competitive Advantage – As more businesses begin to prioritize ADA compliance, having an accessible website can provide a competitive advantage in search engine rankings.


In conclusion, implementing ADA compliant web design with the help of EcomBack can be a powerful tool for improving your SEO and outranking other websites. By making your website accessible to all users, you can improve the user experience, help search engines better understand your content, and increase your traffic, engagement, conversions, reputation, and competitive advantage.

At the end of the day, ADA compliance is not just a legal requirement, but also a moral obligation and a business opportunity. By creating a website that is accessible to everyone with EcomBack’s Web Accessibility & ADA Compliance Services, you can help make the internet a more inclusive and welcoming place, while also improving your SEO and customer satisfaction.

By choosing EcomBack for your web accessibility and ADA compliance needs, you can rest assured that your website will be fully compliant with ADA regulations and accessible to all users. Our commitment to providing high-quality services and personalized solutions ensures that your business will receive the attention and care it deserves.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve ADA compliance and improve your SEO.

Facebook Ads & SEO Case Study by EcomBack Digital Marketing Services

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Hi everyone, I’m going to share the Facebook ad and SEO we did for one of our client today is 15th October 2021 So I’m going to go back in few months back. Let’s do that from April. From April one till 30th. I’m going to show you the results and it was a 0 – 0 when we started that in May. It was 62 pounds, and we, it was the traffic, was from the direct it was from SEO. Now let’s move back to the next month in June 324 pounds. and that was a social and direct sale. We started the social work, and also the SEO on that. So that’s in June. Let’s do that in July. its 2000 pounds, again, social traffic, direct traffic and search traffic. So that’s like from the SEO. and that is from the Facebook ads you are running in August You can see 11000 pounds that’s 450% up, and that is socially 7000 pounds. and rest is from the SEO. and let’s move to the next month that’s in September. The sale went down. Basically client changed, did some changes in the campaign. So that was the reason. So we told the client not do any edits, our campaign. So anyways, it’s a good sale in this month as well and let’s move forward to the present month and its 16th today and we already passed the 5000 Pounds figure so you can see traffic and social direct and SEO. So it’s a combination of Facebook ads and also the SEO and that kind of what if we can do for you guys as well If you’re interested, please drop us an email, and we will be happy to help you. Thank you.

Analysis of Client

This is an overview of EcomBack’s client and how Facebook ads improved their Shopify store. Our team of experts worked on marketing ads for this client, which has helped significantly with their monthly total sales, returning customer rates, number of orders, and other values.

The Data (Month-to-Month)

  1. In April 2021, the company started with zeros all around:
  • Total Sales: £00
  • Online Store Sessions: 0
  • Returning Customers Rate: 0%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 0%
  • Average Order Value: £00
  • Total Orders: 0

As a start-up company, it’s okay not to know the best way to advertise your merchandise. That’s why you come to the experts (EcomBack) for the expertise and immediate results.

  1. A month later, in May, there was a tiny spike:
  • Total Sales: £62.99 ( ~ $85.67)
  • Online Store Sessions: 683
  • Returning Customers Rate: 0%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 0.15%
  • Average Order Value: £62.99 ( ~ $85.67)
  • Total Orders: 1

However, the number of orders and no returning customer tells us that there is something missing, and the owner needs our help.

  1. June is when EcomBack steps in:
  • Total Sales: £324.14 ( ~ $440.83), ­ 415%
  • Online Store Sessions: 2,364, ­ 255%
  • Returning Customers Rate: 0%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 0.25%, ­ 69%
  • Average Order Value: £54.02 ( ~73.47) , ¯ 15%
  • Total Orders: 6, ­ 500%

The returning customer rate is still lacking; however, there is no need to worry yet as we are early in the process.

  1. In July, we saw a significant jump:
  • Total Sales: £2,146.46 ( ~ $2919.19), ­ 562%
  • Online Store Sessions: 3,588, ­ 50%
  • Returning Customers Rate: 10.53%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 0.86%, ­ 244%
  • Average Order Value: £58.01 ( ~ $78.89), ­ 7%
  • Total Orders: 38, ­ 533%

And just like that, the store has returning customers. This is mainly due to EcomBack knowing the best way to reach a target audience with paid media and ads.

  1. August had a dramatic increase as well:
  • Total Sales: £11,814.69 ( ~ $16,067.98), ­ 450%
  • Online Store Sessions: 8,157, ­ 127%
  • Returning Customers Rate: 13.97%, ­ 33%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 1.5%, ­ 73%
  • Average Order Value: £87.44 ( ~ $118.92), ­ 51%
  • Total Orders: 138, ­ 263%

The pay-per-day this month was around £25, so a monthly total of approximately £775.

  1. In September, the client messed up their coupon codes and did not inform the EcomBack team; thus, there was a significant decline compared to the previous month.
  • Total Sales: £6,636.49 ( ~ $9,025.63), ¯ 44%
  • Online Store Sessions: 5,881, ¯ 28%
  • Returning Customers Rate: 15.56% ­ 11%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 1.48%, ¯ 1%
  • Average Order Value: £75.75 ( ~ $103.02), ¯ 13%
  • Total Orders: 92, ¯ 33%

Even though the difference is not terribly shocking, clients must keep EcomBack professionals in the loop about everything so we can fix any issues and prevent further mistakes.

  1. October also experienced a rocky start but not too bad:
  • Total Sales: £5,569.91 ( ~ $7,575.08), ­ 67%
  • Online Store Sessions: 3,158, ¯ 12%
  • Returning Customers Rate: 20.63%, ­ 55%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: 1.99% ­ 63%
  • Average Order Value: £80.72 ( ~ $109.78), ­ 6%
  • Total Orders: 69, ­ 53%

Total Transformation

As you can see, this store experienced a revamp of a lifetime, going from a total sale value of £62.99 to £5,569.91 in a matter of six months. The price to be paid for advertisements, SEO content, testing, campaigns, and so forth is worth it when a business can experience this type of growth in such a short amount of time.

About EcomBack & Facebook Ads Services

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms globally and is used by roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users. That being said, paying for ads on this network is a no-brainer for e-commerce store owners. As you saw above, EcomBack helped this anonymous Shopify store by getting them exposure, traffic, and attention from tons of customers. But, how?

As the #1 social media marketing and SEO agency, EcomBack provides high-end social media campaigns that are aimed directly at the target audience, getting the client ROI. Our team also creates advertisements with premium content and also analyze, A/B test, and track ROI, so we can also produce measurable results.

In conclusion, EcomBack has the right tools that you need to grow a fan base across social media and improve your business. Social listening is so critical when it comes to managing your brand and will help you better resolve problems, monitor inquiries, and solve other matters.

You can trust us to deliver results! Contact us for a free quote today.

SEO and Content Strategies | Marketing Help from EcomBack

Plan for Success

As an e-commerce business owner, you must know every strategy possible to drive traffic to your website. While paid advertisements are an easy and effective way, SEO content will work every time, especially when you are on a budget.

A study from eMarketer shows that by 2023, e-commerce is predicted to generate about $6.5 trillion in sales. This is double the number from 2019 and a sure sign that you are in the right business! However, the average visitor spends 15 seconds or less on your webpage. This split-second decision is your chance to convince them to stay. So, how will you intrigue the right consumers?

By the end of this blog, you should know who your target audience is, how to write SEO content and other great marketing solutions that EcomBack’s team can provide.

Optimize & Market Your Business

The ever-increasing cost of acquiring new customers should convince you, as a frugal business owner, that a solid strategy for long-term growth isn’t relying solely on paid traffic channels. The best thing you can do for your business is producing free content.

John Murphy from Entrepruener sets an example with his website. When he produced content for his shoppers, focusing on the best products by category to help customers make better choices, he got more traffic than ever before.

“I started publishing content in February 2019, and by June, I was already getting traffic and sales. Over time, the traffic kept growing, and I kept producing helpful content. In 2020, I generated over $2 million in sales from that organic strategy from only one e-commerce store.” He then adds, “If I hadn’t gotten started with SEO, I’d be out of business today.”

Sometimes, SEO takes a while to build awareness. If it doesn’t target the right audience, it will be a long time before people are pulled down the marketing funnel.

Helpful Writing Tips

The idea isn’t to just write any old thing and post it willy-nilly. You have to create articles, blogs, case studies, etc., that are valuable to the readers. Yes, keywords are important, but if there is no concrete, factual information, then you’ll lose the loyalty of your audience.

In terms of online stores, the best way to highlight your business is through gift guides. This is a simple and easy way to feature products that not only are on-trend but give customers an overall idea of what you sell. By organizing your guide in a way that is easy to navigate, all sorts of shoppers will flock to it. Having titles like “Gifts under $25” or “Holiday Gift Guide” is also a great way to market specific merchandise.

When brainstorming ideas and topics, think about your brand or niche and what customers search for when choosing a product. Also, if you have been in business for a while, then you’ve probably got a lot of similar questions. Use this as an opportunity to write an article surrounding that topic, and when people search the question, hopefully, your post is the one that helps them out!

The most crucial thing is to write with an angle. Copying your competition is never a good idea in any aspect. Instead, you should always provide a unique perspective, showing your readers that you can offer valuable insight that they can’t get anywhere else.

Learn About How Your Potential Customers Behave

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couponfollow survey millennials shopping behaviorpng
Millennials’ Transactions are From eCommerce

According to Oberlo, it’s estimated that in 2021, there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers, which accounts for approximately 27.2% of the world’s population.

There’s a high chance that your audience is out there, waiting to shop at your online store. But it’s up to you to do the proper research and discover exactly who you are selling to and how to keep them coming back for more.

Here are some statistics to help you out (according to Hostinger):

  • When looking at gender demographics, women shop online approximately 1 time per year, whereas men only shop 5.4 times. The study also reports that women shop more impulsively, and men research the product beforehand while also spending more per transaction.
  • Generation-wise, 60% of Millennials choose to online shop versus making a transaction in person. Even more significant, 3% of them make at least one e-commerce purchase monthly.
  • In comparison to Baby Boomers, Millennials spend a lot less on products. Baby Boomers spend an average of $203 per online transaction, and Millennials spend about $173. Also, this older generation typically researches products and looks at reviews/recommendations before shopping.
  • So, who are the most loyal customers? Gen X. Around 70%, to be exact. The Gen X demographic in the United States are less likely to try new businesses. If you want to target them as an audience, companies need to use personalized marketing to connect one-on-one with Gen Xers.
  • The last generation that was studied was Gen Z. These consumers depend on social media platforms for shopping ideas. Also, 8% of them are less likely to make a shopping list. 22% are more prone to impulse buying, primarily through social media.
  • Although paid marketing and sponsored content are effective, word-of-mouth is the #1 way that businesses are promoted. 81% of shoppers trust their friends and family members more than they trust brands.
  • Relating to social media again, 47% of customers want brands to speak out on social media. 70% want brands to speak on public issues. If shoppers agree with that brand’s stance, 36% of customers agree that they will more than likely purchase from their site. However, businesses should focus on public issues that are related to them.

This study shows that millennials and women are more than likely the biggest influence on the online shopping industry today. If your store caters to an older audience, then you should always have reviews and recommendations (but you should also have this regardless). Articles about the merchandise, along with product page content, is a great way to draw customers. Social media advertising is also pivotal for younger generations, especially Gen Z.

While it may seem evident that brands are less trustworthy than the people we know, it’s a good idea to set up an affiliate program if you haven’t already. This is also a sure way for Gen Z to hear about your product since they typically follow and keep up to date with influencers, bloggers, and content creators on YouTube, Twitch, etc. The more dedicated fanbase an influencer has, the more trusting new consumers will be.

The last piece of advice we’ll give is to pay attention to the trends! If you fail to keep up with the competition and underachieve, it’s a good chance you’ll fail.

EcomBack is Here to the Rescue!

Our Search Engine Optimization services provide SEO solutions at an affordable price. The EcomBack team consistently achieves quality results and gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses that don’t hire an SEO agency. Our marketing plan is the key to staying ahead and fulfilling your sales target.

We not only take your website’s online visibility to the next level, but we also increase your website position through search engines and handle all daily tasks such as studying your company’s website content and coding. Our services guarantee maximum payoff and will increase customer traffic like never before.


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