How to Add, Create, and Manage Shopify Discount/Coupon/Promo Codes on Shopify Store

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Hi everyone. Welcome to Today we are going to teach you that how you can add discount codes in shopify. It’s very easy, and I think most of you already know that. But you know it’s for people that who need to understand that are new users. So let’s click on discounts. And when you click on discounts, you come to this page. There are two kind of disco unts, automatic discounts and you can manually basically create discounts. So let’s create the normal discount, okay, so we’ll say that discount code or automatic discounts, let’s say discount code. Here you will get four options. First, you can type any discount like free20. And if you want to give the percentage, you can say 20% off on all other products or collections. So that’s your option that I’m going to do that on all products. And you can say, okay, minimum spending should be $100 if they want to get 20% discount. Or you can select, okay, you have to apply to three products minimum to get a discount. So that’s entirely your choice. So we say like $100 on that. And if it’ s eligible for every customer, specific customers or specific group of customers, that’s your choice. Also you can use like limit the usage as well. So, we will do that limit to one user per customer. So we can use that. So that’s how you can set up the percentage discount. There is a fixed discount. We click that, we say, okay, the value should be $100 and it has to be like discount is like $10 discount, for example. So if somebody buy the $100 product, it will get $10 discount that will be 1 0% for that. So same things, you can enable the date, like what date? You enable that or you want to set end date. So that’s entirely on you. That how you want to set that up. The third discount is free shipping. So you can have this discount name like free shipping, free S, and you can select to what country you want to select. I just want to use that in United States of US. And you can do the shipping rates, exclude and minimum requirements selling you $100. If you spend $100, you’re going to get free shipping on that. So that’s how you can set up the free shipping. And the fourth one is buy X and get Y free. So that’s a good one. Basically most people like that and want to use that. So it can be use d on quantity, it can be used on purchase amount. So for example, if it’s on quantity, for example, I say, okay, you buy two specific collection and specific products. You need to choose the products from here, okay? And you’re going to get one of these products free. For example, if you’re buying a shirt and a hat, you’re going to get like Trouser free or you’re going to like pants, jeans and shirt. You’re going to get like cap free. So that’s what you can do, okay? And it can be free, it can be percentage. So that’s entirely on you, that how you want to select that. And again usage limit eligibility criteria, that’s entirely upon you. Then other one is minimum purchase amount. For example if you spend $100 on specific products, right you can get like one product free so that’s again on percentage and that’s on free as well. So that’s how you can set up the manual discounts. Now let’s go to the automatic discounts. So click on automatic discounts and clic k on create automatic discount. That discount will apply that customer don’t need to add any kind of coupon code. Once they reach to a certain level they will automatically get a discount. For example the percentage discount is like 10% discount ap plies on all products if the customer shopping cart reaches $200 and same thing applies with the fixed discount and buy x get y free discount. So pretty much the system is same but in the first option customer need to basically add a coupon code. So you can use that for your email marketing, for your campaigns, for your Facebook ads, for your Google ads, you can use the coupon code and you can get this discount but this discount is both discounts are good but most people go for the manual discou nt because you have more chance to sell your products. So hopefully that video will help you guys and if you have any questions you can feel free to email us at or you visit our website and call our support as well. Hope . Thank you very much.

Discount Codes for Your Shopify Store

A great marketing strategy for your Shopify store is offering discounts to your customers.

EcomBack will teach you how to add discount codes to your Shopify store.

How to Create a Discount Manually

  1. On the left-hand side, under “Marketing,” you will see “Discounts.” Click on this to get started.
  1. There are two options: Automatic discounts and creating one manually. Manually create a discount count by clicking on “Create Discount Code” in the “Discount codes” section.
  1. First, enter a code that customers can enter at checkout. For instance: “Free20.”
  1. There are four types of discount codes to choose from. Percentage, Fixed amount, Free shipping, and Buy X get Y.
  1. The “Countries” section allows you to limit the discount to either all countries or selected countries. You can also exclude shipping rates over a certain amount.
  1. For the percentage option, you can type in “Value” a percentage to give shoppers 20% off (or however much you want), a fixed amount lets you discount an item to a specific price you want, and buy x get y allows for a discount such as “Buy 1 Shirt Get 1 Hat Free” or “Buy 2 Shirts Get 1 Free,” and so forth.
  1. If you want this discount to apply to all products, then you will select “All products” in the “Applies to” section. You can also apply it to specific collections or specific products.
  1. For “Minimum requirements,” you can set a minimum purchase amount (For example: customers can only get a discount if they spend a minimum of $100), or a minimum quantity of items. You can also select “None.
  1. There is also a “Customer eligibility” section to target a specific group of customers, specific customers or allow everyone to use the discount.
  1. The “Usage limits” section allows you to limit the number of times a customer can use the discount or limit the number of times the discount can be used in total.
  1. Lastly, set a start date and start time as well as an end date as well. If you set an expiration date for a discount, then it will deactivate at 11:59:59 PM on that day.

How to Create Automatic Discounts

The steps are the same as above.

Shopify store owners can offer customers discounts that apply automatically at checkout. Just like for the manual discounts, you can create percentage, fixed amount, or buy X get Y automatic discounts.

For an automatic discount to apply the right way, your customers need to add all eligible products to their cart, including the items that they need to buy to qualify for the discount and items that they get as part of the promotion.

You can have only one active automatic discount at a time. Plus, automatic discounts take precedence over discount codes, which means customers cannot apply several different discounts to one order. If the customer has an automatic discount applied to their checkout, then they can’t use any other discount code.

Important Things You Should Know About Discount Codes for Shopify

  • You can duplicate a discount on a mobile device (in the Shopify mobile app)
  • A discount code can apply to a maximum of 100 specific products and variants.
  • There is a limit of 20,000,000 unique discount codes for each Shopify store.
  • Discount codes can’t be activated when an automatic discount is in use.
  • Try not to use special characters in the name of the discount code.
  • If you add a product variant to a discounted collection, then the discount applies to every version of the product.
  • The majority of discounts cannot be applied to gift cards. However, a product-specific discount can work if the product is a gift card.

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