EcomBack Teaches You How to Contact Facebook Business Chat Support

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Hey everyone. Welcome to another cool video on Facebook tips. In this video I am going to share with you two methods using which you can connect with the Facebook Chat support. Because this is something we are asked about a lot and people find it really hard to connect with the Facebook chat support. So let’s div e into it. And I’m going to share with you two methods using which you can connect with them. So go to Google and type in Facebook chat support. Click on the first link and you will reach here. This is where basically people get confused and they can’t find or proceed properly. From this point all you need to do is click on the support button on top right side. And now Facebook is basically asking the area where you need the help with. You can select the area from here or basically you can filter them out by using this filter method. If you are managing a lot of assets, you can select the categories. For example. Ad accounts, Facebook pages, business managers, instagram account to commerce manager. You can filter them by the selection or you can just type in the asset name and that will appear and you can select that. Okay, so basically now it’s asking me what is the main issue, what I need help with. For example, I want to say that I need to change my page name. Okay, so now basically Facebook has given me some articles or some document through which I can get the help. But if I want to connect with them and I want to chat with them and I want to discuss some other issues, I can do that by clicking on the connect support button. Okay. Now Facebook is basically asking me to provide my details. So for example, Facebook is asking me for a number. This is a dummy number and the issue Facebook want to know. So let’s say I want to chan ge my page name. Now you can see that the start chat button is visible and once you click on this button, a chat will open with the Facebook customer support and then you can further discuss your issue with them in detail. This was one method. Another method I want to share with you is that go to your Facebook profile and in the search bar search for the Facebook business support. Click on that and you have Facebook business support. Now what you can do is click on the message button and a chat window will open so you can send them a message and they will reach out to you and respond back to your question or your query. I hope this will help and and you will now find it very easy to connect with Facebook Chat support. Please let us know if you need any specific help with. We will be very happy to help you with that. Thanks a lot. Take care. Bye.

Easily Connect to Facebook Business Chat Support

If you are looking for an easy way to connect to Facebook Business Chat Support and speak with a Facebook Representative, then EcomBack can help.

There are two methods you can use to connect to Facebook Business Chat Support.

First Method

Type “Facebook Chat Support” into Google.

The first link that you will see is:

On the top right side, click on the “Support” button.

This will take you to the support page, where Facebook will ask what you need help with. Select the asset you need assistance with, whether it be Ad Account, Facebook Page, Business Manager, Instagram Account, or Commerce Manager. You can also manually type it in.

The next step is to choose from the list of issues that you are having trouble with. This can either be “I want to change the name of my Page” or requesting a Page verification, merging Pages, getting unblocked from using a feature, reporting a hacked account, restoring content removed from Page, restoring an unpublished Page, or if you have an issue creating a timeline post. Whatever it may be, Facebook can help!

After clicking on the issue that you need help with, Facebook will give you a step-by-step guide for you to read. If you are still having issues, there is a button below to “Contact Support.”

You may then confirm your email address, provide a phone number, and then type in the text box more information on what you need support with. There is also an option to insert screenshots or files.

The final step is to click on “Start Chat,” and a representative will get back to you in a matter of minutes.

Second Method

First, go to your Facebook page.

Type in the search bar: Facebook Business Support. Then click on the first suggestion that pops up (it should say Facebook Business Support).

Then click “Message,” and a chat window will open on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Send your message, and they will respond ASAP!

If you require extra assistance, the EcomBack team is always a phone call or email away. `

Contact us today if you have any questions.

Learn How to Get Facebook Ad Link and Post ID with Zero Hassle

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Hello and welcome to another video on Facebook tips. Have you ever wondered how to find Facebook link of your Facebook ad or the Post ID of your Facebook ad? Because whenever you post a post, Facebook allows that post a Post ID, whether that is a simple post from your personal profile or your business page , or an ad from your business manager’s ad account. In this video, I am going to share with you two things. One, how to find the link of your Facebook ad, and second, how to find your Post ID so that you can use that in another ad with all the social p roof. So let’s jump into it. Okay, here I am in our test Facebook ads account. Now let’s say I previously had an ad or a post with some great social proof. And now I want to use that same ad or post with the same social proof which is Likes, Share and Comments. So how can I do that? How do we do that? Okay, so let’s say this is the ad I want to find the link of, and then from that link I want to get the Post ID so that we can use that same post or ad in another campaign. All you need to do is that select the ad and a preview button will appear here. So when you click on the preview button, a small window will pop up and it will give you the preview of the ad with the ad copy and all the social proof. So first of all, h ow can you find the link to this Facebook ad if you need to share that link with somebody? Okay, so all you need to do is let me show you again. Click on this button and from here you can choose the option of Share a link. When you click on the Sha re a Link option, a small window will pop up and you can copy the link of that same ad. And you can share this link with anybody you want to share with. You can share that through WhatsApp? Through Facebook messenger or email anything. Okay, so thi s is the link and this is the preview of your ad. It gives you the option to see that ad in multiple options. For example, Facebook, mobile newsfeeds, desktop newsfeeds, etc. Okay, so this was one option and another option to this is click the button and from here you can choose Facebook Post with comments. It will open up a new tab. And here you can see this ad again. Okay, now from the address bar, this is the social proof, likes, comments, shares, etc. Okay, now how can we use these same social proof in another ad? All you need to do is go to the Address bar and from the address bar where it says Post. Next to the post, there is a number. This is the Post ID of this ad or this post. So now I want to use this ad in another campaign. And this is the post ID I got from here. Now, what I need to do is if I want to create a new campaign, let’s say, for example, let’s say new campaign, and I want to use this ad in a traffic campaign, or you can us e that in an engagement campaign or conversion campaign, whichever is your objective. Select your campaign type. And for example now let me jump into directly into the ad section of this. Okay? So from here, all you need to do is you need to make sur e that you are going to select the same page. Otherwise this won’t work. It’s asking for the Instagram account. Let’s select that. Okay, now, in the Ad Setup section, you have three options in the drop down menu create Ad, use Existing Post, or use Creative Hub Mockup. So I want to use the existing Post, and here it is asking me to enter a Post ID, which I got from here. Remember, I got the post ID from this section here. So all I need to do is paste the Post ID here, and boom. This is the post with all the social proof we had in the previous ad. And we can use this same post with the same ad copy, with the same Call to action button, headline and social proof. Okay? This was one way of getting the Post ID of an ad. So now, if you want to get a Post ID of a post from your Facebook page or from your Facebook page, basically. So what you need to do is you need to go to the Post the page, okay? And for example, this is the post I want to use in an ad. All I need to do is click on the date and it will open up a new link. And the same way, next to the post, there is the Po st ID. Copy the Post ID, and let’s say you want to use that one. Okay, come here again and enter a Post ID. Give it the post ID and here it comes. Same post, same ad copy with the same social proof. So this is it for now. I hope this may help you somehow. And please let us know if you need any video on anything related to Facebook ads or tips. We will be more than happy to share that with you. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

Have you ever wondered how to find the Facebook link of your Facebook ad or the post ID of your Facebook ad? EcomBack can teach you how with easy step-by-step instructions that never require any complicated tools.

Whenever you post, Facebook allots that post an ID, whether that is a simple post from your personal profile, or your business page, or an ad from your business manager’s ad account.

Let’s say you previously had an ad or a post with some great social proof, and now you want to use that same ad/post with the same social proof (i.e., likes, shares, comments). Continue reading this blog to find out how to efficiently perform this task!

How to Get Facebook Ad Link:

  1. Select the ad and click the button that says “Preview” in the top right corner.
  2. Then, a smaller window will pop up, and it will show the preview of the ad you just selected.
  3. To get the link, click “Share” at the top, which will show a drop-down menu. The first button, “Share a link,” will provide the URL you need to share your ad.
  4. Simply COPY the link and share it with whoever you want, whether that be over email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

How to Get Facebook Post ID (Option 1):

  1. Click “Share,” then “Facebook Post with Comments,” which can be found towards the middle under “See Post.”
  2. It will then open your ad in a new tab on the Facebook browser page.
  3. This allows you to copy the social proof. Go to the link in the address bar and find the number after “posts.”

For example:

This means that the post ID is: 326406992574873

  1. Select and copy the number.
  2. Create a new campaign by pressing “Create” in the top left corner.
  3. Hit “Create a new campaign,” then choose the Campaign Objective, whether that be for Brand or Reach awareness, Traffic, Engagement, App installs, Video views, Lead generation, Messages, Conversions, Catalog sales, or Store traffic.
  4. After selecting your campaign type, click on the tap located on the left-hand side that says “New Ad.”
  5. In the “Ad Setup” section, select the option in the drop-down menu that says, “Use existing post.”
  6. You will enter the post ID under the “Ad Creative” section.
  7. Your post should now be ready with the existing social proof!

How to Get Facebook Post ID (Option 2):

  1. In your browser, go to your Facebook page account.
  2. There, you can select a post that you want to copy.
  3. Click on the date it was posted, which should be highlighted below your account name.
  4. This will bring you to a new page. Then you do the same step as Option 1: Select and copy the number from the address bar, which will give you the post ID.
  5. Then, repeating the same steps from Option 1, you will then paste the post ID in the “Ad Creative” section.
  6. Finally, your post is ready to publish, and it has the same social proof as the original ad.

Once you have completed these things, your ads will perform better, and you can save money by using the same ad repeatedly. So, stop wasting precious time and get started today!

And if you still are confused, contact an EcomBack representative today. We are your Shopify partners and can help enhance your Shopify store. As one of the leading Shopify development agencies, we have the solutions your e-commerce business needs.