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Hi everyone. Welcome to Today. we are going to teach you that how you can update banners, text and different kind of features of your home page using the theme options. First of all, you click on online store, and you will come to themes, and over here you will see the option. these are your backup themes, and that is your live theme. so you can click on simply customized. It will open up the theme, and it will open up the options where you can update the theme, you know, basically banners and text. It also varies according the se, features changed according to the theme. So if you are using any paid theme, or if your developer did a customized theme for you, they have like, you know, they might be different options over here. But we know in our team, we try to make the theme maximum customizable. So customer can easily customize the theme. So you can see the options over here, first of all image slider. So these are the sliders for the gallery. You can add up to five slides there, but we already have, like, two banners there, so you can change the picture, simply click on change. image you can change the picture. and if you want to link to any collection or our products, you can simply go ove r here, and you can select the collection you want to link or a product you want to link. So it’s very easy over here. as you can see, the next option is the image sliders. and you know that text this is dynamic, mostly the developers. What they do is they make that as an image, so you don’t have access to change that. But in our team, we try to, you know, maximize the options for the customer so they can easily, you know, added that kind of stuff. Next thing is category box is the same thing. You simply click on category boxes. You can upload the picture. You can change the collection link, and you can, you know, do whatever you want. and if you can see an image slide, you have option to, you know, basically update the text update the, you know, text to information over here. So next best sellers. So you can select the products you want to show under the you know, category box as well. Sorry. The, and if you look at that trending look, we have this option over here. You can see the images you want to update, because these are the just different pictures of models you can have like any text. any category name over here and same shop by look is another option that you can have the shop by look or your collections images there. and then you can basically divert people to update that. and this is basically the SEO base content. We have that in every of over website, because if you have planned to do the SEO, you need to have this some space on the home page to add the SEO based content. and basically, that’s like, you know, pretty much it. This is the widget Instagram widget. This is dynamic, which is app for that. and if you look at my previous videos, you will able to see how you can, you know, basically update in navigation menu and how you can update the footer menu. So hopefully that video helps you understand how you can, you know, basically use the your theme Editor to update the files on your themes, the pictures on your theme and links on your theme if you have any questions you can call us, or you can email us at Thank you for watching.

Edit & Customize the Layout of Your Shopify Store

Although you selected a Shopify theme that is ideal for your store, you may still be dissatisfied with how it looks. You have the option of customizing the arrangement of your home page on Shopify.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the layout of your Shopify store using the site editor. EcomBack can teach you how to modify things like featured collections, banners, as well as other aspects of your page.

How to Edit Shopify Home Page

  1. Go to the Online Store on the left sidebar of the admin screen.
  1. To edit the home page, select Customize.
  1. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a list of sections on the page, including the header, images, text, footers, etc. The home page includes a header and a footer by default.
  1. The banner (or Slideshow) has an unlimited amount of Image Slides. You can also link the image to a certain collection, product, blog, or page. The sections of the body can be added or removed (there should be at least one section).
  1. To add a section, select Add Section. A list of available sections may be added, including blog posts, featured collection, gallery, image with text, slideshow, featured product, map, rich text, testimonials, and video.
  1. Add a Featured collection to the home page by clicking Add section, then choose Featured collection. You can choose from a list of options such as the heading and the number of rows and the products per row of the grid.
  1. To add an image, click Select image. You can either upload your own image or use one from the free Shopify gallery.
  1. Change the text overlay by scrolling down the left sidebar to access the Heading and Text boxes.
  1. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click Save.

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