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Hi everyone. Welcome to Today. We are going to guide you that how you can update the content management system or CMS pages in your magento 2. So it’s very easy. You just scroll down the page and look for content and you will see Pages, blogs and widgets. It depends on how your developer coded your website. But most of the information, if you want to update any block or widget or page, you get it from here. So if you click on pages. You will see the most pages are here. Okay? Like shipping and policy, for example, click on shipping and policy select, edit. Okay, so click on content. You can see all the content there. You can see the editor over here so you can like, you know, style that. and all the information is here if you have any SEO text, you can obviously add the meta title description and stuff over here. and that’s it. You can see the page, and you just come back to the previous page automatically. If you want to update the any blocks you can click on blocks. and, for example, if it’s like, you know, corporate block you can simply click edit and you will see okay so you can change the blockes information here. and same with widgets. If your developers set up any widget over here, for example, the same aesthetic blocks or any kind of permission. So you can basically click on information and you will see t he you can select block layout and different options. Okay. Right now, we have like, featured Banner block of homepage. So that’s how you can you not basically change the things on the home page. Hopefully this video will help you. If you have any question, please feel free to email us at Thank you.

Guide for Management of CMS Pages in Magento

Looking for an easy way to update the content on your Magento 2 website CMS Pages? EcomBack has created a step-by-step guide so you can learn how to update the content in CMS Pages in Magento 2.

Magento 2 CMS Pages are used for distributing content. Having up-to-date content on your website is not only important for SEO, but it is also important for keeping your customers engaged and making sure your site is always fresh.

How to Update the Content in CMS Pages in Magento 2

  • In the main Magento menu, go to Content -> Elements -> Pages. You will find a grid with the available CMS pages.
  • In the CMS Pages grid, find the needed page, and click Select (found in the Action column) -> Edit.
  • When you have completed your edits under the Content tab, the next section is to edit the Search Engine Optimization Make sure this field is populated with an SEO-friendly URL.
  • Do not forget to click Save after changes have been made.

Creating, editing, and managing your Magento 2 store CMS pages is one of the most basic and necessary functions a store owner needs to know. Your store’s pages give your customers the first-ever impression of your store. It’s important that every page for an e-commerce site, or any website, is appealing to your customers while also being informative and easy to understand.

Did you enjoy learning this easy skill? We hope you did! Let us know at if you have any questions about editing CMS pages in Magento 2.