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Hi everyone. Welcome to Today. We are going to teach you that how you can add categories in Magento 2. So first of all, you will click on this menu, catalog, and click on categories. You will see they’re already categories there. So if you this is a root category. So never delet this category. This is very important, otherwise, your website will be messed up. So if you want to add a new category, just click on, add subcategor y, okay? and just type test, and you can upload the picture you want. You can add the text for this category. You can change the display settings. We only have products only sometimes you have static block or sometimes we have static blocks and products. So we will select the products only search engine optimization. you can have the SEO based keyword, meta information, keywords and description there. and you can select what products you want in this c ategory. you can do that as well and design if you have different themes and different layouts. you can select that, but we only have default one. so we will stick with that. so if I just said test, okay, and I’m in n middle category and enable in the menu. So basically, if you want to category in the left navigation or in the drop – down menus, fine. And if you have a like, you know, you want to add that in main navigation, then you can enable this option. So I’m going to click on Save. so you can see some it’s a main category. ID:70 is a main category now, so if I want to add a sub category, another category under this, you know, category of just click on. I select this one, and I click on add sub cat egory. So we’ll type Test 2 – sub same thing. I just save that you will see test and Test 2. So we have two categories there, test and test 2. So basically main category and subcategory. So that’s how you can add the you know, categories in Magento 2, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us at Thank you

Learn About Magento 2 Categories with EcomBack

If you have a lot of products on your website, the greatest way to organize them is to group them into categories. That way, you can manage them easily and it also improves the website’s navigation, simplifying your customers’ product search.

Magento is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform that allows you to manage your online store design, appearance, functionality, and content effortlessly. Magento Commerce includes a variety of extensions, ready-made themes, and templates to increase the functionality of your business.

In Magento 2, the category structure of your catalog kind of resembles an upside-down tree, with the root (Default Category) at the top. Categories can be dragged and dropped and each section can be expanded and collapsed. The categories that are disabled or hidden are in gray. You can create as many additional subcategories as needed.

EcomBack is here to help you out. Learn how to add categories in Magento 2 below.

How to Add Categories in Magento 2

  1. First, go to Catalog > Categories
  1. In the “category tree,” select the parent category of the new category. The parent is one level above the new category.

2a. If you are starting from the very beginning, there might be only two categories in the list: A default Category and an Example category. Never delete the Default Category.

  1. Select Add Subcategory to create a category.
  1. Fill out the information:

4a. Make sure to Enable the Category and choose whether to include it in the Menu.

4b. Give the category a Name.

4c. Upload the Category Image.

  1. Configure the Display Settings and set the arrangement of the products in the category.
  1. In the Display Mode, you choose what to display in the category: products only, static block only or both of these combined.

6a. Available Product Listing Sort By field allows you to choose what customers will be able to sort products by.

6b. In the Default Product Listing Sort By, set the default that will be applied to the products that will be displayed to the customers.

  1. Enter the Meta Information into the Search Engine Optimization section. This includes Meta Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description.
  1. Select which products you want in the category by marking the checkbox next item. You can search for them by either typing the Name, SKU, Status, or Price.
  1. For Design, there are two options available. First you can Use Parent Category Setting, meaning the setting set for the Magento 2 default category.
  1. Once you’ve finished, press the Save button. Make sure you see the category appear in the list.

Also, adding a subcategory under this main category is simple. All you have to do is make sure the category is selected before pressing “Add Subcategory” once again.

If you face any challenges while creating categories in Magento 2, email us and we can work with you step-by-step!

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