Magento 2 Tutorial – How to Add Simple Products

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Hi everyone. Welcome to Today. We’re going to teach you that how you can add products, a simple products in magento 2. So first of all, you will click on catalog and products. You will come to this page. You click on add product simple product over here. You can see if you have any attribute sets, you can select it here. Otherwise you have default, so I just leave it blank. and if you have like a Google product cat egory, you can you know, basically, if your listing the product directly to Google, then you can select under what business you want. List that Next thing is the product name, so I will just use that is a test product name and SKU. You can use anything like test123 price. It can be any price 10 pounds. and if you have like a advanced pricing, for example, if you have special price is 8 pounds So and if you have product on sale So, for example, its 23rd February 22 till 28 F ebruary its on 8 pounds. So that’s actually prices 10 – pound and sale it down. and if you have like a tiered pricing, for example, you say price for 1 till 10, you had different groups, for example, you have the different price for wholesale, so you can simply select the wholesale group. and you can tell, okay, for 10 products, you will get 5 pounds so 5 pounds, so that will be 50 pounds for 10 products. So that option in you can do in the advanced pricing. I’m just going to leave that for now. So next thing is, if it’s product is taxable or not, you can select that and quantity. I just like one product, if it’s in stocks like in stock. and if your product is weight is basically calculating on the c heck code accordingly shipping, then you can update the weight over here. It can be in pounds. So I was just like 20 pounds and item has weight yes, it does have it because I need to calculate that on the check out the categories you can select und er what category you want to do that. So I’m just going to select in baby girl hand smocked and you can see visibility is catalog search. So I’m just catalog and search set product from if it is a new product, you can have that on the homepage. On top of the page, you can select the date. So I’ll just take 23 till 28th. and if you have any manufacturing country you can select like now, United Kingdom, if it’s any colors, these are the attributes. So we don’t need them for now. So we ju st ignore that. Now, next thing is the images and videos. So if you want to upload a picture, you simply click on browse, and you can, you know, basically upload any picture from there. So so I just selected this picture from the. and if you want to add more pictures, you can simply upload that more pictures from here. and if you can even add a video if you like, and if it’s content like, you know, the information, so we can have like information that you want to upload that over here, you can j ust type anything suppression test launch. You can have like a short description and a long description as well. and that’s how you can update the description too. Short description is basically have a description on the right. Some design. Sometimes you have description on the right side, right, Hand side of the product. And a long description is basically a detail description. You have the middle page of the products. So it’s entirely according to your design and developer. But it ‘s better to have the both information in the design. It also helped in your SEO search engine optimization. You have the product URL, meta – information keywords and all the stuff. You can add it over here for the and if, like, you know, if you have any cross sell, any related products, so you can simply add the related products from here, and you will get to know existing products using that feature. So if there is any product you want to link that you can simply select the product you want to link, I’m just going to select this one. Okay, and a connect the product Same thing with the upsell and cross – sell. You can do that customizable options. So we basically have the let’s say option name is color. So we see, drop down and say, blue price, we just leave it blank, because if the color we are not going to charge any extra price on that SKU, you can add the SKU you, whatever SKU you want? If you have more to manage stock for this product for thi s particular color, you can do that as well. and if you want to upload the picture of this color, you can upload the picture from here. and there are different options, because this is like, you know, sometimes the default options don’t have that. So you might need to buy an extension, for that so we have the major extension there for the purpose, because planned want to control the quantity. So we had this extension installed. Now you can add another option there. You can see its size and drop down menu. and you can say, Okay, I want to add like a lot size. So for example, the product price we kept is like $1 right? and sorry 5 pounds 10 pounds. So if we on to add a price, let’s say I just had a price, this two pounds difference for the last I just add to their so the product , it will automatically add the price of the product, the UPS, the extra price of the product. and then you have, like, you know, these options here so you can simply save that, and you can, you know, look at the website, and it should be working fine. So that’s how you can add a simple products in magento 2 if you have any question, please email us at or you can leave us a comment, and we will get back to you. Thank you.

Harness the Knowledge of Magento 2 Simple Products

The most basic and fundamental Magento 2 items are simple products. There are no variations on the simple product and because it has a single SKU, it is sold individually. However, it can also be purchased as part of a configurable, bundle, or grouped product.

Here is a summary of the necessary steps to add a simple product in Magento 2.

How to Add Simple Products in Magento 2

  1. G to Catalog > Products.
  1. On the Add Product at the upper-right side and choose Simple Product.
  1. Choose the Attribute Set or the default setting. You can also choose a Google Product Category (i.e., baby girl smock).
  1. Enter the Product Name, SKU, and Price.

4a. You may also set a Special Price and Set Date. This can be found in Advanced Pricing. This also allows you to set a price for Wholesale products.

  1. The next options are to select the Tax Class (Taxable Goods), Quantity of product if the product is In Stock (Stock Status), Weight, Categories, Visibility, and Country of Manufacture.

5a. For Visibility, it is recommended to set it to Catalog and Search, so customers have double the chance of finding it.

5b. There is also the option to Set the Product as New, so the product is highlighted on the top of the page for customers to see. You can select the start and end date for when you want to showcase the new product.

  1. Upload Product Image or Video.
  1. In Content, write in the text box a short and long description for the product.
  1. Set the simple product URL key and Meta Information.
  1. Create Configurations or variations of the product. Option Titles can be Color, Size, etc., with the respective titles’ underneath (Blue, Large, etc.).
  1. Set the Enable Product option to Yes when it is ready.
  1. Click Save and publish the product.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help!

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