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AMP Mobile Speed Optimization Developers for Shopify eCommerce Stores

We know that everyone wants to be successful in their respective business. But finding the best way to accomplish your dreams is the hardest part. That’s why we are here for you. EcomBack provides you the ultimate option of being a success in e-commerce by offering AMP integration. But wait, what you need to know about AMP?

AMP is all about optimizing Mobile Web Browsing!

Accelerated mobile pages, commonly known as AMP, are a framework that provides optimized mobile web browsing. In simple words, you can make your website speed run faster by using AMP! The development of the AMP framework is originally by Google. The primary purpose of an AMP is to boost the speed of loading web pages.

What enables AMP pages to accelerate web page loading is their ability to be cached by Content Distribution Network, such as Google search engine.

In addition to mobile devices, AMP can also be used for desktop browsing for a superfast experience.

In short, when using AMP, there are high chances of the publisher’s content appearing in the top carousel of the mobile/desktop search. Thus, experts believe that AMP is crucial for websites, and there is no better alternative to it!

Do we need AMP for Ecommerce?

People surfing on the internet are impatient and bounce and close the tab rather than waiting for a web page to load, especially on mobile.

You are likely to lose potential customers even before they land on your web page because of the website taking longer than usual to load. The statistics indicate that 70% of mobile users experience slow web browsing, which consequently causes 40% of the customers to abandon the website. Think of all that wasted ad-spend on Facebook and other social media and the effort to get potential customers to your website, only to have them leave before they even enter your website.

And, if you are in a challenging quest to reduce load time for your mobile web page, AMP is the best tool for this job, and guess what? We, at EcomBack, are integration partners for ShopSheriff’s AMP APP for Shopify Stores.

AMP for e-commerce Stores:

The run-through of recent surveys and studies, specifically the one conducted by Google, shows that AMP can boost E-commerce sites by 20-30%.

In addition to this, research also indicates that there is a chance of a 10% increase in your website’s traffic, and page session duration could be doubled when equipped with AMP!

Our clients have noticed increased add-to-cart sessions and anywhere from 7% to 25% conversion rates for more significant ROAS due to reduced abandoned carts.

Our Expertise is AMP

Our AMP experts will strive to match the look and feel of your regular website’s UI and navigation with the AMP site for a seamless customer experience.

Plus, you also have options for other built-in integrations provided by ShopSheriff and enterprise-level customizations while implementing the AMP framework on your web page.

We have hands-on experience in implementing AMP protocols for functionality, organization, and structuring of the content. Furthermore, our AMP implementation technique is adaptable to W3C coding protocols and other AMP standards.

Last but not least, our AMP team will help you set up your Google Merchant Center rules for AMPing your product pages, thus creating free Google Shopping links for your AMP pages and better SEO results. Once Google caches your pages, they will display the AMP lightning bolt symbol in mobile search.

Our Shopify AMP experience:

Check out our FAQs for common and frequently asked questions for AMP integration.


We analyze your website and do a full site audit for integration and functionality.

Then, our designers and developers work in tandem to reproduce it with an AMP version.

We are currently offering AMP services for the homepage, blogs, collections, portfolios, or any other page linked to the website.

Contact us with any questions or implementation requests.


  • Superfast mobile website
  • Customizable AMP design
  • Traffic is likely to increase
  • Google rewards AMP with better SEO and Shopping results – lightning bolt badge
  • Reduction in bounce rate
  • Attract and engage customers
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher ROAS


Once you are satisfied with our free consultation and demo and decide to proceed further, choosing a setup plan that fits your requirements is the next step. Currently, we are offering three sets of the project as mentioned below.

The Basic Plan:

  • Available for $199only
  • Inclusive of necessary AMP installation and default debut theme.
  • The plan also provides 30 days of customer support after installation.

The Professional Plan:

  • The all-inclusive cost for this setup is just $399!
  • The Pro setup plan comes with a fully functional AMP site, navigation bar, headers, and Google Merchant Center.
  • In addition to this, the plan also adds matching creative assets for the website.
  • Last but not least, the plan also promises to provide 30 days of customer support.

The Enterprise Plan:

  • The enterprise includes all features mentioned in Basic and Pro plans with additional video set up, banner, and customer CSS requirements.
  • This plan also comes with 30 days of support.
  • The price for this plan is just $499!

The primary purpose of providing multiple setup plans is to make it easy for the customer to the fullest. So, with EcomBack, you can choose any program of your choice as per your requirements and budget.

In case you have any confusion or questions, feel free to contact us. EcomBack is always ready to serve you with its highly professional customer support team. And you are just one step away from putting your AMP development plan into reality.

So what are you waiting for? If you want your Shopify store to offer a speed-optimized mobile experience, get AMPed up now and let us help you harness the power of this fantastic technology.

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