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Accessibility Audits: Identifying and Addressing ADA Compliance Issues

In recent years, with the growing trend of businesses moving online, web accessibility has become a critical issue. Websites that are not accessible to users with disabilities not only lose potential customers but also increase the risk of ADA lawsuits. This is where EcomBack’s Web Accessibility & ADA Compliance Services come into play. In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of web accessibility and how our services can help businesses ensure ADA compliance and improve their online accessibility.

The Importance of Web Accessibility

Web accessibility refers to the ability of people with disabilities to use websites, applications, and digital tools. This includes individuals with vision, hearing, mobility, and cognitive disabilities. Accessible websites not only make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate the web but also improve the user experience for everyone.

Web accessibility is not just a moral imperative but also a legal requirement. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses that operate public accommodations, including websites, must provide equal access to people with disabilities. Failure to comply with ADA regulations can result in lawsuits, with businesses facing substantial financial penalties and reputational damage.

Identifying ADA Compliance Issues

Identifying ADA compliance issues on a website can be challenging, particularly for businesses that are not familiar with accessibility guidelines. This is where an accessibility audit comes in. An accessibility audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a website’s accessibility, including its design, code, and content.

An accessibility audit can help businesses identify ADA compliance issues, such as non-descriptive links, missing alternative text for images, and non-compliant color contrast. An audit can also identify issues with website navigation, keyboard accessibility, and other usability issues hidden in the source code that can affect the user experience.

Addressing Accessibility Compliance Issues

Once website accessibility compliance issues have been identified, the next step is to address them. This can involve making changes to the website’s design, code, and content. Some common solutions include adding alternative text to images, ensuring color contrast meets accessibility standards, and improving keyboard navigation. We use WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines where feasible.

Addressing ADA compliance issues can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly for businesses that lack experience in web accessibility.

How EcomBack Can Help?

EcomBack’s ADA Compliance Services can help businesses comply with ADA regulations and improve their online accessibility. Our services include a comprehensive accessibility audit that identifies compliance issues, followed by remediation services using WCAG 2.1 AA criteria that address those issues.

Our team of accessibility experts has extensive experience in web accessibility and can ensure that your website meets ADA compliance standards. We use a combination of manual and automated testing to ensure that all ADA compliance issues are identified and addressed. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that their website is optimized for accessibility and provides a user-friendly experience for all users.

Benefits of EcomBack Web ADA Services

  • Avoid ADA Lawsuits: By ensuring that your website meets ADA compliance standards, you can avoid the risk of ADA lawsuits.
  • Reach a Larger Audience: By improving your website’s accessibility, you can reach a larger audience, including users with disabilities who may have previously been unable to use your website.
  • Improve User Experience: An accessible website provides a better user experience for all users, not just those with disabilities.
  • Enhance Reputation: By demonstrating a commitment to accessibility, businesses can enhance their reputation and demonstrate that they value diversity and inclusion.


Web accessibility isn’t just a “nice to have,” it’s a crucial component of modern business operations. By ensuring your website meets ADA compliance standards, you not only avoid potential legal penalties but also widen your audience reach and enhance the user experience for everyone. Our specialized ADA website compliance experts can guide your business toward meeting WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria and amping up your online accessibility. With our thorough accessibility audit and remediation services, we strive to make your website universally accessible, irrespective of the abilities of your users.

Don’t delay, seize this opportunity to make your website better for everyone, while mitigating the risk of ADA lawsuits. Contact us today to avail your FREE website accessibility audit. We’re ready to help you improve your online accessibility and make your business a more inclusive space.

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