May 2023 ADA Website Lawsuits Recap

Report Summary:

  • 331 ADA website lawsuits were filed in May 2023, a decrease of 16 lawsuits compared to 347 lawsuits in        April 2023.
  • New York saw the filing of 240 lawsuits, compared to 210 lawsuits filed in April 2023
  • California saw the filing of 91 lawsuits in State courts.
  • 97 lawsuits were filed against Restaurants, food, and beverage websites.
  • 60 lawsuits were filed by Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC, followed by 40 lawsuits by Stein Saks, PLLC.
  • 126 lawsuits were filed against websites using Shopify.
  • 21.15% of ADA lawsuits were filed against websites that had an accessibility widget installed on them.

ADA Website Lawsuits Report 2022

The ADA website lawsuits report 2022 features the Ecomback logo and accessibility icons (hearing aid, cane, and wheelchair).

Total Federal and State Court ADA Website Lawsuit Numbers for May 2023:

New York

175 Lawsuits

New York Map


91 Lawsuits

California Map


36 Lawsuits

Florida Map


11 Lawsuit

Pennsylvania Map

Other states

18 Lawsuits

Other states Map

Plaintiff Attorneys Filing the Most ADA Website Lawsuits

Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC


Stein Saks, PLLC


Manning Law, APC


Pacific Trial Attorneys, APC


Gottlieb & Associates


Custodio & Dubey LLP


Mizrahi Kroub LLP


Mendez Law Offices, PLLC


NYE Stirling, Hale & Miller, LLP


Top 10 ADA Website plaintiffs for the month of May 2023

Plaintiff Name Firm Name Number
Perla Mageno Manning Law, APC 22
Jose Casillas Custodio & Dubey LLP 17
Luis Toro Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 17
Arantza Espinoza Mendez Law Offices, PLLC 15
Frangie Espinal Gottlieb & Associates 12
Rusty Rendon Pacific Trial Attorneys, APC 12
Lamar Brown Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 11
Maria Dimeglio Stein Saks, PLLC 11
Jenny Hwang Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 11
Daniel Lugo Lee D. Sarkin 10

Top 10 industries affected by website accessibility lawsuits

Industries Cases
Restaurants, food, drinks, and beverages 97
Lifestyle, Fashion, & Apparel 78
Travel, Hotel, & Hospitality 26
Health, Fitness and Medical Products (including rehabilitation centers and supplements) 23
Furniture, Lighting & Home Decor 19
Skin and Body Care 17
Retail & Consumer Goods 16
Computer, mobile, & electronic accessories 9
Toys, games, gifts, & flower shops 9
Home, Kitchen Appliances & Accessories 8

Top 5 Web Platforms











Website owners should make accessibility a top priority for ethical, legal, and user experience reasons because failure to do so can lead to legal action against the site and harm the brand’s reputation. Maintaining ADA and WCAG compliance is essential and can be accomplished through routine audits, employee training, and assistance from expert ADA service providers. 

EcomBack offers audits, fixes, and continuous monitoring of websites for ADA compliance. We locate accessibility issues and suggest ways to overcome them in our no-cost audit. By working with EcomBack, you can mitigate your exposure to legal liability, improve your users’ experience, and stay in compliance with accessibility standards.

EcomBack ADA Website Compliance Services

We at EcomBack provide a range of services to help website owners achieve ADA compliance, including website audits, remediation, and ongoing monitoring. Our team of experts can easily and quickly identify accessibility barriers and provide solutions to make the websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Our free website accessibility audit includes a comprehensive analysis of website accessibility barriers as well as a detailed report of findings and recommendations for remediation, which we can do.

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EcomBack’s remediation service involves implementing changes to the website to remove accessibility barriers and ensure compliance with ADA and WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines.

Once the website is compliant, EcomBack offers ongoing monitoring and maintenance to help website owners keep their websites accessible after updates, regardless of their abilities. Although there is no such thing as 100% accessibility at all times, substantial compliance should be the goal.

By partnering with a web accessibility service provider like EcomBack, businesses can improve and monitor their digital assets, like websites, so that they are accessible and compliant with the DOJ’s website ADA recommendations, while mitigating the risk of legal action and improving the user experience for all users.

ADA Website Lawsuits Report 2022

The ADA website lawsuits report 2022 features the Ecomback logo and accessibility icons (hearing aid, cane, and wheelchair).