July 2023
ADA Website Lawsuits Recap

The number of web accessibility lawsuits in July saw a significant decline, with 88 fewer cases compared to the 380 filed in June 2023.

Total Federal and State Court ADA Website Lawsuit Numbers for July 2023

Bar graph showing State wise ADA website lawsuits filed in July 2023. Further details are provided below.

State wise ADA website lawsuits in July 2023: New York 156, California 71, Florida 31, Pennsylvania 13, Other States 21.

Plaintiff Attorneys Filing the Most ADA Website Lawsuits

Plaintiff Attorneys Lawsuits Filed in July Jan to Jul
Stein Saks, PLLC 40 Lawsuits 310 Lawsuits
Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 38 Lawsuits 389 Lawsuits
Pacific Trial Attorneys, APC 34 Lawsuits 231 Lawsuits
Gottlieb & Associates 30 Lawsuits 182 Lawsuits
Manning Law, APC 24 Lawsuits 180 Lawsuits
Mizrahi Kroub LLP 20 Lawsuits 148 Lawsuits
Law Office of Noor A. Saab 20 Lawsuits 108 Lawsuits
Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A. 16 Lawsuits 90 Lawsuits
Carlson Brown Law 13 Lawsuits 52 Lawsuits
NYE Stirling, Hale & Miller, LLP 10 Lawsuits 80 Lawsuits

Top 10 ADA Website Plaintiffs for the Month of July 2023

Plaintiff Name Firm Name Lawsuits Filed in July Jan to Jul
Perla Mageno Manning Law, APC 14 98
Gabriel Mcmorland Carlson Brown Law 13 36
Luis Toro Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 12 68
Milton Williams Gottlieb & Associates 12 12
Jasmine Toro Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 10 48
Sumaya Hussein Stein Saks, PLLC 10 17
Cedric Bishop Gottlieb & Associates 10 11
Luis Licea Pacific Trial Attorneys, APC 9 46
Vanessa Jimenez Mizrahi Kroub LLP 9 17
Jenny Hwang Mars Khaimov Law, PLLC 8 76

Top 10 Industries Affected by Website Accessibility Lawsuits

Industries Lawsuits Filed in July Jan to Jul
Lifestyle, Fashion, Clothing & Apparel 93 647
Restaurants, Food, Drinks, and Beverages 44 517
Medical, Health, Fitness & Sports Accessories 36 198
Travel, Hotels & Hospitality 26 170
Educational, Media, Magazines & Kids Accessories 13 63
Beauty, Skin & Body Care 12 118
Furniture, Ligthing, Home Decor & Kitchen Accessories 11 164
Property, Real Estates & Appartments 11 14
Entertainment, Musical Instruments & Accessories 9 30
Retail & Consumer Goods 8 88

ADA Lawsuits Filed Against Web Platforms









Custom Coded


Choosing a website platform is important, but it’s clear from the numbers above that no platform is safe from ADA lawsuits. This means that even if a business picks the “best” platform, it can still face legal challenges if the website isn’t accessible to everyone. So, it’s key for businesses to not just think about how the website looks or works but also ensure it’s user-friendly for all.

Remember, it’s not just about the platform; it’s about making sure everyone can use the website without issues.

EcomBack ADA Website Compliance Services

For us, shortcuts aren’t the way forward. We prioritize genuine website accessibility. We fix websites manually at the code level using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to make them accessible and comply with the ADA, without relying on overlay widgets or plug-ins.

At EcomBack, our dedication is unwavering when it comes to providing genuine solutions for website accessibility. We are court-approved accessibility providers and members of both the W3C and the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). Our credentials stand as a testament to our expertise.

In line with our dedication to inclusivity, we provide a Free website accessibility and usability audit. This includes a detailed examination of any barriers your website might have, followed by a comprehensive report that lays out our findings and gives clear recommendations for improvement.

Book a FREE website accessibility and usability audit here: https://calendly.com/ecomback

After achieving compliance, we don’t just leave it there. EcomBack provides continuous monitoring and maintenance, assisting website owners in maintaining accessibility even after updates.

Choosing EcomBack as your web accessibility partner means more than just compliance. It’s about enhancing and safeguarding your digital assets, ensuring they meet the DOJ’s ADA guidelines. This not only reduces legal risks but also guarantees a seamless experience for all users.

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